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Welcome to the Sonar Group website. We are a family run independent record and publishing company based in Coventry, UK. We have been established here for over 30 years and have several labels – Sonar Records, Frantic Records, Psalm Reader Records, and Dodgy Ticket Records and have a back catalogue of local artists on vinyl and CD.  You can see us at The Coventry Music Museum.


JUNE 2018

We now have the fantastic ‘Alternative sounds Volume 2’ CD in our mitts!  What an amazing job these guys have done – So much history here – we are proud to be associated with this and look forward to more of the same !!  Available for digital download or as a physical CD


MAY 2018

02/05 Just listened to HILLZFM and Keith Fabrique’s interview – a mega 7 parter – Keith played a selection of tracks from ‘Mysterious Monks’, ‘The Sweethearts’, ‘Blush’ and ‘Cary L’  in-between stories from Jon and Cary reminiscing over the years and talking about the up and coming release of The Alternative Sounds Compilation CD Volume 2.

The Mysterious Monks have been working hard and have a couple of albums in the can. Working on a release date soon.

Cary L has nearly finished her album and is trying to decide on an album title and artwork for iminent release.

APRIL 2018

Finished our ‘father and daughter’ interview with the fabulous Keith Fabrique at Tinkle studio.  We talked about the Mysterious Monks, Blush, Cary L, L’Homme De Terre, Cabin Studio and the general Coventry scene back in the eighties. Lots of memories and we have two tracks on the new  Alternative Sounds – VOLUME 2   – Looking forward to hearing it on Hillz fm due to be broadcast on 2nd May 2018.

Cary contributing to a book being written by Keith Hancock (Mosquitoes, DT’s) about the Leamington and Warwick music scene

3 months of the year gone already and April sees ‘ALTERNATIVE SOUNDS VOL 2’ line up completed. Sonar artists Courtiers of Fashion, Mysterious Monks and Blush appear on this volume and it is down to the hard work of Martin Bowes and Andy Holdcroft that this project has come together.  These compilation albums are a historical voice for Coventry bands reflecting the scene back in the day – it wasn’t just all about the ska you know!     Alternative Sounds – VOLUME 2

MARCH 2018

Snow resulted in the alternative sounds launch date for Vol 1 being delayed;


More studio sessions at Big Sky;

Tracks from the Monks and Blush accepted onto the Alternative Sounds Vol 2 – Exciting stuff!!

January 2018

Happy New Year from the Sonar Records Group!! A new year for new music.

Cary is in Big Sky studios again working on some bass and vocal tracks. She hopes to be finished by early Feburary and mixing….

Volume One of the long awaited Alternative Sounds CD has been released and features Sonar artists as well as many of the bands who recorded at Cabin Studio – The Primitives, Crokodile Tears, Giraffes and Furious Apples.   Further info here Alternative Sounds

The Mysterious Monks are also working on new material for the new year



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Cary is in the studio this week with a Ukulele player to nail down her latest track

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  • Blush track ‘Groundhog Day’ was played on Radio 1;
  • Cary working on new tracks at Big Sky Studio with Josh producing and Jake drumming;

  • She’s The Leader facebook page had some new visitors;
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  • Video of the month – Mysterious Monks – Money Lender

  • Our new website has been launched!;
  • Cary L is in the studio recording some new tracks for the Summer!
  • Mysterious Monks release new album ‘Viva Voce’ available through our vinyl and CD store;
  • Crokodile Tears play the Godiva Festival;
  • Martin Bowes from Coventry Band Attrition is compiling a special album to celebrate the Coventry Music Museum

The Sonar Group

The Sonar Group

We are a family run independent Record and Music Publishing company based in Coventry, England.  Established for over 30 years we have a catalogue of predominantly Coventry based artists.  To celebrate our 25 year anniversary in 2009 we released a compilation album (Sonar Music – 25 years)  and Chris Sidwell (Crokodile Tears) put together a press release for the album which explains it all…..

Plumbing the depths of Sonar Records – 2009

Liverpool had the Cavern Club and Ringo Starr but here in Coventry we had Cabin Studios and Robin Hill.  

It’s hard to believe that we’ve now had over 25 years of Sonar Music and indeed Cabin Studios and that’s all thanks largely to one man, Jon Lord (but not the one in Deep Purple as he always reminds us!) Producer Paul Sampson who has also been at the Cabin from the start crops up a lot on these tracks and is well known for his work with Catatonia and the Primitives along with many others.

Gdansk take their name from a place far, far away. ‘Stand up’ is taken from their first E. P. and feature the Cunningham (Cov’s very own Gallagher?) brother and are still gigging today. This might make Gdansk one of the longest running of the ‘new wave’ of Cov. bands (post Lft. Pigeon).

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Sonar Artists

Mysterious Monks

Sonar artists ‘Mysterious  Monks’ hail from Coventry and have a mysterious, yet fascinating history with the Sonar label.

Graham Wale (keyboards, lead vocals, composer) and Jon Lord. (lyricist and lead vocals) have been meeting every week to write songs together for over 45 years. They have released 4 CD albums on our Psalm Reader record label available to purchase through the sonar shop.  Read more about them here.


Crokodile Tears

Coventry artists The Croks have been releasing product on dodgy Ticket records since the beginning. See the homepage for latest news. The Croks have some vinyl offerings and CD products available from the Sonar Shop.

Read more history of the Croks
Find out what they are up to here here

Cary L

Cary has been releasing product on Sonar records since the beginning under various names including Blush and Cary L all available from the Sonar Shop.   See her own page for more details.

The Sweethearts

Coventry’s hip duo take their influences from American sitcom ‘Laverne and Shirley’ for the immensely catchy ‘Laverne I Love You’. Once this gets into your head you won’t get rid of it.  Read more about the duo here.

The Sweethearts have an EP ‘Rock Happy with the Sweethearts’ and the single ‘Laverne I Love you’ available from the Sonar shop

Furious Apples

Much loved Coventry band fronted by Greg Crabb with his brother on guitar.

Courtiers of fashion

Coventry guitarist/singer/songwriter, Dave Pepper played guitar with Coventry punk band the X-Certs, who began life in 1978 and lasted for 3 years. Between leaving the X-Certs and starting up his biggest band in the U.K (Blitzkrieg Zone), Dave flirted with several musical styles,  one of which was the new romanticism of ‘Courtiers of fashion’.  This is a very rare recording originally released in 1983, the first record on the Sonar record label now available as vinyl or download.


The Sonar Music 25th Anniversary Album

2009 saw the anniversary of the Sonar Records Group of labels set up by Jon Lord.  We decided to see if any of the bands that had released product on the labels would like to get together for a gig and guess what….they did!

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Retail Shop

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