Courtiers Of Fashion

Dave Pepper – Biog

A teenage Dave joined the well known punk era X Certs as a founder member & thence on through an almost bewildering sequence including Dexy’s style soul (Team 23), the iconic “I” with Dill from Gods Toys (who very nearly secured a big deal), the baroque music of the Courtiers of Fashion with Tracey Skarzynska, the Ramrods/Major Five with Danny Cunningham & his brother Barney and of course under the direct influence & support of Tony James (of Generation X & Sigue Sigue Sputnik), probably Dave’s best known band,  Blitzkrieg Zone 2020. He also spent many years living and working  in the USA, playing, touring, learning and including a very successful career playing the vineyard circuit of Virginia.

The Courtiers Of Fashion

After Dave Pepper left ‘I’, he had a stab at new romanticism with this band. Recorded at Cabin Studio in Coventry this was the first vinyl single release on the newly formed Sonar Record label.

  • Dave Pepper – Vocals, Keybords, Guitar 
  • Paul Johnston – Drums, Keyboards
  • Karen Ellett – Vocals

Sonar Music Anniversary Album


The X-Certs
From Coventry, England, they began life in 1978 and lasted for 3 years.

Zero Summers (Kev) had started playing drums about 2 weeks before and Gray Summers, previously playing 6 string, changed to bass at the same time due to a lack of bass players in Coventry.  Dave Pepper, was persuaded to join by kidnapping and threat of torture. He was pretty good and Gray and Zero didn’t think he would join a couple of novices. Swayed by our lack of good looks (it meant he would stand out!!) we got down to the nitty gritty of writing some tunes. Dave and Gray shared vocals and the song writing. Some decent tunes and a semblance of being able to play a bit materialised and the band launched into gigs joined by Dave Chalmers (sound) and Chris King (previous manager of The Flys.

The band had a good following locally but the more visual bands the Specials/Selecter and God’s Toys grabbed a huge fan base in Coventry.  The X-Certs won the Battle of the Bands at Warwick University and suddenly ‘got confidence’.
Gig after gig, a few recording sessions and interest from record companies materialised but the band drifted apart. The threat of the single release of ‘FEELING IN THE GROOVE’ c/w ‘SATISFIED’ didn’t hapen as the Indie record label ZAMA Records kept re-mixing it all the time. (They wanted fairy dust sprinkling over it !!!!!)”