Sonar Artists

Mysterious Monks

Sonar artists ‘Mysterious  Monks’ hail from Coventry and have a mysterious, yet fascinating history with the Sonar label.

Graham Wale (keyboards, lead vocals, composer) and Jon Lord (lyricist and lead vocals) met every week to write songs together for over 45 years. They have released 5 CD albums on our Psalm Reader record label available to purchase through the sonar shop.  Read more about them here.

Crokodile Tears

Coventry artists The Croks have been releasing product on dodgy Ticket records since the beginning. See the homepage for latest news.

Read more history of the Croks and find out what they are up to here.  THE TREES is a new project from Chris Sidwell.

Cary L

Cary has had a varied musical career since forming ‘L’Homme De Terre’ and releasing product on Sonar records since the beginning.  Blush and Cary L albums are now all available from the Sonar Shop as downloads or physical CD’s.   See her own page for more details.  

The Sweethearts

Coventry’s hip duo take their influences from American sitcom ‘Laverne and Shirley’ for the immensely catchy ‘Laverne I Love You’. Once this gets into your head you won’t get rid of it.  Read more about the duo here.

The Sweethearts have an EP ‘Rock Happy with the Sweethearts’ and the single ‘Laverne I Love you’ available from the Sonar shop

Furious Apples

Much loved Coventry band fronted by Greg Crabb with his brother on guitar.

Courtiers of fashion

Coventry guitarist/singer/songwriter, Dave Pepper played guitar with Coventry punk band the X-Certs, who began life in 1978 and lasted for 3 years. Between leaving the X-Certs and starting up his biggest band in the U.K (Blitzkrieg Zone), Dave flirted with several musical styles,  one of which was the new romanticism of ‘Courtiers of fashion’.  This is a very rare recording originally released in 1983, the first record on the Sonar record label now available as vinyl or download.

20 Days

Brilliant underrated new wave Coventry band – read more

The Sonar Music 25th Anniversary Album

2009 saw the anniversary of the Sonar Records Group of labels set up by Jon Lord.  We decided to see if any of the bands that had released product on the labels would like to get together for a gig and guess what….they did!

Read more here